Giant Christmas Ornaments Rolled Through London Streets, and I’m Sad I Missed It

Sam Cook
2 min readNov 3, 2022
A giant, inflated silver ball, several times taller than a car, is shown rolling down a London street in a viral TikTok video.

A few days ago, some strong winds in London led to the best video I’ve seen all year. In the TikTok video, what appear to be giant, inflated Christmas ornaments bounce through the city streets, rolling over cars and past shops in one of life’s all-too-rare playfully bizarre moments. The best part of the video is the oddly satisfying bit when one ball crashes into a lamp post, and the mylar coating explodes off of it.

I am deeply jealous of the person holding the camera in this video. As much as I appreciate the tranquility of a calm, predictable life, there’s something really wonderful about moments that are completely inexplicable and out of the ordinary. If I could have been there to witness these giant pinballs myself, it would have counted as one of the greatest things I’d ever seen.

Before anyone comments that early November is far too early for Christmas decorations, I want to clarify that these were not giant baubles as most news outlets have claimed. As the Washington Post pointed out, they were part of an art installation in nearby St. Giles Square, before they were blown away to their true purpose of being a wonderfully absurd news story that we didn't know we needed.

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Sam Cook

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